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Established in Presented as pages 77 in Russian and 43 in English a newsprint, full color and black and white tabloid style weekly newspaper published on Presented as pages 77 in Russian and 43 in English a newsprint, full color and black and white tabloid style weekly newspaper published on Fridays.

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Tim Leung M. Спешите к нам - места ограничены. Young and old, those of Irish background and people who are Irish for the day will celebrate the life of St. Food, fun and drink are customary components of the festivities. And a growing number of people desire a St. Anyone can embrace the spirit of St. Certain organizations have sprung up across the country emphasizing the true focus of St.

In , Philadelphia joins the fray with events centered on culture and enjoyment. Fewthings convey the spirit of a holiday or a celebration more than music. If you prefer live music, contact your local Ancient Order of Hibernians to learn about nearby musicians. Traditional Irish dance has been lauded for centuries.

Many people still feel a connection to Irish heritage through dance. The Feis, or an Irish dance competition, is a popular showcase of dance talent from across the globe. Log on to www.

The organizers are always looking for new locations to hold their celebrations. Healthy, fun and safe activities are offered to all who participate.

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Delve into Irish cuisine at a nearby restaurant offering the best traditional dishes. There are plenty of other delicious dishes to enjoy, from lamb stew to colcannon to Dublin coddle. Otherwise, pick up the ingredients and treat guests to an authentic meal from the comfort of home. The playing of bagpipes is a tradition in many areas of Celtic origin.

Historically, bagpipes were played outdoors at community dance festivals. Bagpiping remains a popular hobby, and bagpipers are passionate about their craft and may be ready and willing to treat an audience to a few tunes.

Agriculturists in 17th century Europe found potatoes were easier to grow and sustain than many other crops and, when coupled with their nutritional value, potatoes gained popularity, particularly among the working class in Ireland. Potatoes may be indelibly linked to Irish culture because of the widespread potato famine that forced many people to emigrate from Ireland. But there is more to the modest potato than many people may know. Potato history Potatoes are an important addition to any diet, as they are a starchy root food that contains plenty of carbohydrates, which makes them closer to grains than other vegetables.

Potatoes were first cultivated by the Incas in Peru around 8, B. When Spanish conquistadors traveled to Peru, they discovered potatoes and brought them back to Europe. Potatoes did not reach North America until , when the governor of Bermuda included potatoes in a care package sent to Governor Wyatt of Virginia in Jamestown.

By the s, permanent potato patches had been established.

Nutritional value Potatoes were once consumed in abundance on ships during long voyages because they are high in vitamin C and can prevent scurvy. Potatoes also have more potassium than bananas, offering 18 percent of the recommended daily value per serving. One medium-size potato is free of cholesterol, sodium and fat and comes in at about calories, making them a healthy addition to any diet. Miscellaneous facts about potatoes While there are thousands of varieties of potatoes, most of them are not commercially produced.

Potatoes have been served hot, cold, sliced, pickled, and even as a dessert. Benjamin Franklin once attended a banquet where the food was nothing but potatoes served in 20 different ways. Potato chips and French fries are favorite snack foods.


Thomas Jefferson is credited for introducing Americans to French fries. The popularity of fries has skyrocketed, and millions are consumed each and every year. Some believe that potatoes are an aphrodisiac, while others feel they have medicinal properties, including curing warts.

The Incas used to place slices of potatoes on broken bones to promote healing. Some people believe you can ease a sore throat and alleviate aches and pains with potatoes. Potatoes have been enjoyed for thousands of years and provide a wealth of nutrition.

While potatoes may be most associated with the Irish, these beloved starchy plants are truly a worldwide crop. Patrick: Separating the truth from legend Few saints are as well-known and widely celebrated as St. Known as the patron saint of Ireland, St.

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  • Patrick annually inspires people from around the world to pay homage to his legend, which includes bringing Christianity to Ireland. Revelers don green clothing, participate in parades and decorate with shamrocks and symbols of Irish folklore. Much of what is known about St.

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    Patrick is shrouded in mystery and legend. Patrick has been credited with many miracles, including converting an entire country to Christianity from paganism, and also participated in many spiritual resurrections. Patrick was not Irish, but a British Celt. Young Patrick was careless and not as spiritual as he eventually became. At 16, Patrick was captured by a band of pirates and was sold to a chieftain in an area of Northern Ireland.

    His labor included tending flocks of sheep.

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    It was during his time of captivity that Patrick found God and decided to devote his life to professing the faith and grace of Christ. He acquired the Irish dialect of the Celtic language in captivity, which would prove essential in his future work.

    After six years of captivity, Patrick escaped and returned to his homeland, where he immersed himself in the scriptures and fully committed to Celtic Christianity, not the Roman Catholicism that became dominant throughout the Roman Empire. He spent years studying and preparing for life as a missionary. Patrick established schools and monasteries in Ireland because he believed education and faith were closely entwined. He taught many people, including his most famous student, Columba.

    While St. Patrick is credited with many miracles, such as driving snakes out of Ireland, some historians believe these tall tales were just metaphors for pushing out paganism.


    Other miracles included feeding starving sailors with a herd of pigs that appeared when the sailors had faith in God. Some legends even suggest St. Patrick brought animals and people back to life. Many also associate St.

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    Patrick with the shamrock. By using a three-leaf clover, St. Patrick was able to convey the concept of the Holy Trinity to a land of people familiar with the shamrock symbol. The supposed day of St. In reality, St. Patrick was never officially canonized a saint by the Catholic Church and received the title in name only. At the time of his death, there was no official process for canonization, but Patrick was given the title by popular acclaim and likely with the approval of a bishop.

    Patrick is widely acclaimed and celebrated throughout the world, and his life is even more interesting than many of the legends associated with his name. Lone Tree CO 6. Such excursions may be the only time families get to spend any extended time together. Families have plenty of vacation prospects at their disposal. If this is the year your brood bucks tradition and tries a new vacation destination, explore these family-friendly possibilities.

    Children may grow bored of simply taking in the sights. Historic locales may do demonstrations or reenactments of how life was in eras past. Remember to include children in the family activities and give things a try, such as helping paddle a canoe or light a fire on a camping trip.

    While kids may have their hearts set on traveling long distances to the widely popular theme parks, do not rule out options closer to home. Smaller parks may not have every attraction, but they do boast a variety of activities and rides that can keep children occupied for hours. It may be wise to vacation at off-peak times to avoid the crowds and save time spent waiting in line.

    Family vacations do not need to be limited to riding roller coasters. Metro areas boast attractions that can excite children, including tall buildings, museums and public transportation hubs just waiting to be explored. Families venturing internationally may want to see the cultural centers of Rome, London or Athens. For an all-inclusive price, these resorts may couple food packages with accommodations and activities to keep families happy.

    Check with popular hotel chains to see if they offer allinclusive packages in destinations your family wants to visit.

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    A memorable family vacation does not have to be spent in a the heart of it all. Booking a campsite location and then spending a few days in the great outdoors allows families to get back to nature while enjoying an inexpensive vacation.

    Families can camp in lodges or basic cabins, or rough it outside in a tent. Some families enjoy the benefits of renting an RV and visiting various campsites on their vacations. Let the activities unfold as you explore different trails and backroads along the way. Family-vacation season is around the corner.

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